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We all love talking to new people, making global friends, socializing with them. Amazecall is the best place where you can meet & talk to amazing people from all around the world. Safe & fascinating platform to chill out with people whenever you feel bored.

Amazecall is a stranger video calling platform, where you can have a random chat & talk with strangers from around the globe. If you're looking for an Omegle alternative online then this is a 100% genuine safe and secure video calling & chatting platform. Spend your time while doing a random talk with strangers.

video chat with stranger whenever you feel bored only on amazecall

Amazecall is the best platform to do video chat with strangers from people around the world. This extensive reach is beneficial as you are not bound by any geographical, religious, or cultural constraints to have randoms chat.
Amazecall is a terrific platform and better than omegle app. we make stranger talking & doing chat with strangers super simple and much enjoyable than you think.

Do you feel really limited when you have to search different platforms like Omegle USA, Omegle Europe, or Omegle India to talk to people from a specific country? If yes, then amazecall location filter can make it easy for you to choose the country. If you want to talk to people from the USA then you just need to select the USA in the country before making a call. You can also apply for a Gender filter if you want to talk to People with specific Gender.

Video Calls

Video calling are always interesting way to meet new people

Faceless Calls ( Only Voice )

Audio calls are awesome, it allows you to talk to people anytime & anywhere.

Why choose Amazecall ?
Rich Video Calling

Rich video calling will give you an immersive experience when you will meet your interlocutors on video call.

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Faceless Calling (Audio)

Faceless calling allows you to freely talk to people anywhere, anytime without showing their faces.

Faceless Calling (Audio)feature icon
Moderated Content

Our AI-powered moderating system will help to keep bad & annoying users stay away from you.

Moderated Contentfeature icon
End to End Encrypted

End-to-end encryption ensures you and only your interlocutors can see and talk to each other.

End to End Encryptedfeature icon
Cool Filters

Several cool filters will help you to filter the users and find the best who excites you most to talk.

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Ranking points

Ranking points helps users to find interesting people. More point means more amazing people user will meet.

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What people say ?
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Amazecall is really amazing and safe platform to do video chat with strangers.

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I've tried a few alternatives like omegle, ome tv, chathub and more. Amazecall is the best in my opinion.

Review user image

Bit the bullet and tried Amazecall. It has tons of users and I've met many friends on there.

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I stumbled upon Amazecall one day after an omegle video call. Glad because Amazecall is the best omgle alternative.

Review user image

Amazecall random chat is awesome. I've been using it for years and haven't gone back.

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Faceless calling is one my favorite feature on amazecall, AWESOME 😍.

Random Calling Fun Movements

Watch amazing movement shared by creative people.

Frequently asked questions ?

Whenever you apply a filter on the call, our system finds users based on your filter. You can find people with similar interests also you can apply gender and country filters based on your Gender & Regional interest.

Ranking points will help you to find interesting people. More point means more amazing people will connect you. Ranking points are similar to KARMA points, If you talk genuinely with other users on call then other users will give you a reaction that will increase your Ranking points.

You can earn more coins by watching ads and by inviting your friends to join amazecall. On each successful referral, you and your newly joined friend will earn coins.

  • Invite your friends to Amazecall by sharing your referral code.
  • Both You & your friend will earn Coins when your friend uses your referral code.
  • Share your referral code to as many friends as you like. Collect as much credit(s) as possible.

Yes, Faceless calling features allow you to talk with your interlocutor without showing your face.

Yes, Amazecall is a safe platform to do random video calling, the platform offers end-to-end encryption so only you and your interlocutors can see and talk to each other. Your interlocutors can see only desired information that is required to make video calls.

Amazecall is the best Omegle Alternative platform, there are lots of cool & awesome feature that makes amazecall out of the box random video calling platform.

  • Amazecall is AI-powered that helps to keep bad & annoying users away.
  • Amazecall offers you both video & audio calling features so users can talk to people anytime, anywhere.
  • Amazecall allows you to apply various cool filters to find the best users who excite you most to talk.
  • Amazecall allows you to do Full-Screen video chat just by switching your layout.
  • Lot more features

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